For; to (do)


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Your Account - "Your World" - For Life


This account is for Life
Do Life with it.
Do Business with it.
It's Your World:
"Share" - "Connect" - "Communicate" - "Do" with it - "Earn" with it - "Enjoy" with it - "Have Fun" with it.
- "For;" "to (do)" "Life" with it.

For; to (do) Life,
For; to (do) Business,
- for life!


- It's Yours! Always! - Just like the Social Identification Number (SID) you have, or the Social Security Number (SSN), this account also has a unique; single; social number that is uniquely yours - and yours only, and always.

It will be managed. Every "Life" account will have a person, assisted by an "AI Manager", assigned to it - at your service.

It maybe restricted; and/or censored,
but never deleted.
And given the "Social" feature unique to this Fortodo Account, content that you post to this account will be monitored.